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Rice, Wayne and Mike YaconelliThe greatest skits on earth, vol. 21987Drama in christian education.,Amateur plays.,Church work with youth.,,,
Anderson, Joan WesterWhere angels walk1992Children's literature,,,,,
Graham, BillyAngels1994,,,,,
Barclay, WilliamThe mind of St. Paul1958Apostles - Paul.,,,,,
Slaughter, Frank G.God's warrior1967Apostles - Paul.,,,,,
Arthur, KayLord, heal my hurts : a devotional study with Kay Arthur1989Spiritual healing.,Devotional exercises.,,,,
Augsburg sermons for children1993Bible. N.T. Gospels - Children's sermons,Sermons.,,,,
Barkman, AlmaLight reflections1991Meditations,,,,,
Barkman, AlmaSunny-side up1977Meditations,,,,,
Marshall,CatherineBeyond ourselves1961,,,,,
Good News Bible1976Bible.,,,,,
Halley, Henry H.Halley's Bible handbookBible - Commentaries.,,,,,
Cruden, AlexanderCruden's concordance1954Bible - Concordances.,,,,,
Tenney, Merrill C.Handy dictionary of the Bible1965Bible - Dictionaries.,,,,,
Knowles, AndrewFount Children's Bible1981Bible stories.,,,,,
Stuhlmueller, CarrollBiblical meditations for advent and the Christmas season1980Meditations.,,,,,
Stuhlmueller, CarrollBiblical meditations for ordinary time - weeks 1-91984Meditations.,,,,,
Stuhlmueller, CarrollBiblical meditatins for ordinary time - weeks 10-221984Meditations.,,,,,
Bolding, AmyEasy devotions to give1980Meditations.,,,,,
Bolding, AmyPlease give a devotion for all occasions1967Meditations.,,,,,
Bolding, AmyPlease give a devotion for church groups1974Meditations.,,,,,
Bread for the journey1981Worship programs.,,,,,
Broughton, PamelaJesus at the temple1999Children's literature,,,,,
Brouwer, SigmundCobra threat1998Children's literature,,,,,
Brouwer, SigmundScarlet thunder1998Children's literature,,,,,
Brouwer, SigmundWinter hawk star1996Children's literature,,,,,
Jones, TimothyCelebration of angels1994Children's literature,,,,,
Wylie, Betty JaneNo two alike1980Christian experience.,,,,,
Lucado, MaxYou are special1997Self-esteem,Christian life.,Parables.,Children's literature,,
Murray, AndrewNot my will1977Christian life.,God - Will.,,,,
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