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St James  History


More than a hundred years ago the families who settled along the prospect Road around Goodwood made a plea for a minister to visit them. The first church was built in 1842 as a Presbyterian church with 25 families.

In 1925 the little church entered the Union and became Goodwood United Church and was supplied by a student minister under the direction of the minister of Bethany United Church.

As the congregation increased, it became evident that the building was not adequate to meet their growing needs. In 1963 a canvas by the student minister, James Martell, showed an overwhelming support for anew and larger church. Mr. W. Sawler designed the building and supplied materials, including pulpit and pews. Mr. E. Langille constructed it along with the masonry of Mr. G. Hubley and the plumbing of Mr. L. Bevis, as well as many hours of love and labour from the whole congregation. The new church was dedicated on April 4, 1965, and the building's debt retired by 1978.

The church, being a mission field, was served by students from Pine Hill Divinity School. It was under the leadership of the then student Bill Mathews, that the congregation grew and sought ordained ministry. On June 29, 1987, St. James joined with Trinity United Church in Timberlea to form the Crossroads Pastoral Charge, a new 2-point charge in Halifax Presbytery.