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Offerings / Donations (Part of Stewardship)

"Every congregation has a stewardship ‘strategy.’ Unfortunately, in many churches, the strategy is to pass the offering plate and hope that people will give."

"Sharing money through our offering relates to our faith life in at least three ways… It is also an act of radical trust. We trust that we will have enough when we share generously with others, and we trust that what we give will be spent with accountability. Finally, through our offerings, we work with others to bring about God’s justice in the world."

"Unless congregations approach stewardship through a faith-based strategy, they may find themselves in a financial difficulty."

(Taken from an article called "Taking Stock of Stewardship" p. 24-25 in Exchange from Spring 2003)


Regular offerings throughout the year are important for the continuing running of the church. There are always salaries and bills to pay year-round.

There are a few ways to make your offering:

  • PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) is a program created by the United Church of Canada where an automatic payment comes out of your bank account around the 20th of each month and is deposited into the church’s accounts. You determine the amount you want to go in each account(s). This is an excellent way to keep your offerings up to date, especially for those on a budget because your offerings are taken care of automatically each month, even when you are not at church. There are forms throughout the church sanctuary or you can fill it out on-line and give it to the church Treasurer along with a VOID cheque from your bank account. On the days you are in church you can put a PAR card in the offering plate to show your support of the PAR program. PAR form is available here.
  • Get set up with weekly envelopes. You can pay by cash or cheque. Be sure to mark on the envelope where you want the funds allocated by putting the amount you want for each category, whether it’s one or all three. The envelope makes this easy with a space for Local Church Expenses, Building Fund and Improvements, and Mission & Service.
  • Local expenses covers items like the Minister’s salary, heating, power, snow removal, office supplies, telephone, and generally day to day expenses. The Building Fund covers cleaning supplies and any expenses dealing with building materials and maintenance. M&S funds are sent to the Head Office of the United Church of Canada where they are used to help other struggling United churches within Canada or for humanitarian causes around the world.
  • If you miss a week you can bring the envelopes from that week(s) to keep your offerings up-to-date. Contact the Envelope Secretary in church or by leaving a message at the church to get your set of envelopes for the year.

      Post-dated cheques can also be given ahead of time to cover any time period. Please include a note explaining where the funds from each cheque is/are to be put in which account(s).


If you would like to make a special donation to Trinity United Church you can do that by giving a cheque or you can do it by using Canada Helps. CanadaHelps is a registered charity that they state "is on a mission to make giving simple". You click on the following link and follow the instructions. There is a small 3.9% service fee that you can pay, if you wish, which would not take away from your donation. The funds are immediately put in the church’s bank account and you get your on-line receipt right away. Because of the large number of Trinity United Churches across Canada be sure to pick the one with the 67 Trinity Way, Timberlea, NS address.

All offerings and donations are very much appreciated and will be acknowledged, either at year-end in the case of offerings or right away in the case of donations. If you require further information please contact the Treasurer by leaving a message at the church. Thank you.