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Trinity United

Trinity United is centred in the heart of the Timberlea community. We are a thriving congregation of approximately 89 families and this number is growing as our community grows around us. We embrace our faith with teachings taken from the Bible. With ease our Minister is able to relate these teachings with experiences from our every day lives. Our Choir, with guidance from our Organist, also contributes to the teachings of that day through hymn.

We provide Sunday school classes each week for ages 1-13 years old. These classes are run by volunteers under the direction of our Sunday School Superintendent who provides a structured curriculum approved by our Worship Committee. We celebrate Jesus’ birth, teachings, and resurrection in the same manner as you would expect from a united congregation---with devotion, happiness, thankfulness, love, song, and respect in regards to God and with one another.

We have a Ways and Means Committee who, with support from our congregation’s willingness to volunteer, not only helps our Council’s financial commitments, but provides a positive venue for congregational/community social time.


Our UCW Group consists of a unique group of women. They meet every third Wednesday evening of each month.  Their desire and willingness to help out where they can in relation to the church and community’s needs is beyond words. They are a joy to be around and consider each other as sisters and have formed a life long bond that extends outside of Church life.

We have a dedicated Outreach Team whose presence is known throughout our community’s charitable organizations as a committee ready and willing to lend a helping hand when in need.

Please take a moment now to browse our website or, better yet, come to one of our services to get to know us. You gain so much more than a Sunday service. At Trinity United our regular service is Sunday mornings from 11am to 12pm. All denominations are welcomed to join us in our call to worship.


Sunday services

Trinity United

67 Trinity Way Timberlea NS

Sundays 11:00 am


Churches of Crossroads Pastoral Charge:


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